Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education is committed to develop pre-university education and to ensure that a high-quality education system is available to everybody. Objectives of the educational policy include reform and continuous improvement of educational services.

The ministry identified one strategic entry point, namely, strengthening the partnership with civil society and the private sector and localities. Based on this, the Technical Education Directorate in the ministry has developed an ambitious strategy (2012-2017).

The Ministry of Education is collaborating with the Employment Promotion Programme (EPP) in the framework of the Agreement between the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt on Technical Cooperation dated 27th June 1973, ratified by the Presidential Decree No. 1758/1973, as amended by the Arrangement of 28 January 1990, ratified by the Presidential Decree No. 326/1998.

The cooperation between the Ministry of Education and EPP contributes to strengthening the active participation of the private sector which leads to linking the outputs of the Technical Education Directorate to the labour market.


Major achievements in the framework of cooperation with the programme

In order to create capacities within the ministry, it has been agreed to establish a unit inside the Technical Education Directorate to implement three main tasks:

  1. Assess and follow up on educational and training programs to provide information for the Head of Technical Education. This information is used to develop evidence based policies.
  2. Coordinate between donor agencies and the different development companies to maximize the use and dissemination of initiatives on a larger scale.
  3. Coordinate cooperation with the ministries and other institutions in the field of technical education.

On the policies level this unit will be the platform for dialogue between concerned parties, and decision making that is based on information about initiatives related to youth employment.

The unit specializes in the following:

The Minister of Education passed Resolution No. 319, dated 08/27/2012 for the establishment of a Planning and Coordination Unit for the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Technical Education.

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